The Afro & The Yellow Bow

Definition of a Crunchy Mom: One who supports breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, and co-sleeping.  Is typically a vegan, makes her own baby food, recycles, upcycles, and thrift store shops.

This is me...except for the co-sleeping and vegan parts.  I love to cook and eat pretty much everything under the sun, and that especially includes a good steak every now and again.

As a child, I loved everything Disney, but my parents never took me to Disney World.  As soon as I moved out of the house, my first big purchase was a Disney World vacation.  Since then, I've been pretty much every year, at least once a year.  Now, I'm sharing my love of Disney with our children and anyone else who will listen.

My journey into "crunchy parenting" began after my daughter was born and we discovered that she had allergic reactions to all sorts of things.  We were already advocates of breastfeeding, but added other things considered crunchy as we began to remove non organic things from her environment.  By her first birthday, her skin finally began to clear up and we had adopted a new lifestyle. 

One day, while reading a few of the Disney blogs I frequent, I discovered that there was virtually no one talking about cloth diapering or keeping up crunchy parenting habits while on vacation at Disney World.  There was no way I would go on vacation and have an itchy, irritable child in disposable diapers.  I needed tips fast, and decided that I could be a resource for other moms out there, like me, who were determined to have a happy, healthy, family, whether on vacation or at home.

In November 2012, I had to opportunity to meet the family behind one of my favorite Disney related blogs while we were both at the Magic Kingdom.  I tweeted my description to her, so she'd know who to look for "...the afro with the yellow bow..."  Little did I know, that that little yellow bow in front of my mass of coily hair would become the image forever tying me to this blog!

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