Monday, June 24, 2013

Letting Go of Eggo

I really like to cook, but sometimes, things get hectic and I have to rely on convenience foods.   A busy morning sometimes means that we have to put a couple of Eggo waffles in the toaster on the way out of the door.  While I don’t like it, food is needed, so we just dealt with it. 

Those mornings are a treat for our oldest daughter who loves Eggo waffles, specifically the blueberry ones.  Since we decided to remove foods from our diets that include artificial colors, we would have to do the opposite of their catchy slogan and let go of our Eggos.

When I wrote to Kellogg’s to ask why they included artificial coloring in all of their waffles, even the plain ones, here was their response:

“Currently, some of our products use added colors to enhance their visual characteristics. Studies have shown that appearance is an important factor in the overall appeal of food. We use only approved colors in the smallest amount needed to achieve the desired appearance. These are always listed in the ingredient statement so that you can make choices appropriate for you or your family. We will continue to follow the scientific discussion and consumer preference on the topic of food colorings.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 6/19/13

The top photo is one I took at Disney's Animal Kingdom in May 2013.  The bottom is my uncle's pastel drawing of the photo...he is amazing!  Check him out,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guardian Angel Gained

Not sure how to handle things, so for now I’ll just write
You’re gone before I could meet you and that doesn't seem right
But, God has a plan that I can’t see with my limited sight
And He thought it best that your little soul take flight

Now I’m hurting real bad, but soon will be alright
Will cry a few more tears, and have another sleepless night
With help from our family, I’ll hold my head upright
I’m stronger than I think and will carry on in spite

What started as sadness and terrible fright
Is beginning to get easier and a little more bright
For now, our family plans we’ll have to rewrite
And pray that the Lord answers another baby invite

I’ll see you again, can’t wait for the sight 
I bet your little wings are adorable, fluffy and white
Until then, you’ll shine as my bright inner light
Your sisters will feel you when I hold them tight

I’ll think of you and smile whenever I fly a kite
Place a hand over my lips when watching fireworks at night
Sit at the Thanksgiving dinner that will never be quite right
I’ll always remember you, never out of mind out of sight

So, wherever you are in heaven tonight
Eat all of your peas, and please be polite
Keep your wings very fluffy and your halo bright
Be the voice that reminds your sisters to act right
Help daddy protect us and hold him tight
And always be mommy’s little beam of light