Monday, July 18, 2011

Five Things to Do When 20 Days From WDW

In order to have a successful Disney World vacation, you must have a plan!  As you get closer to your magical vacation, there are some things you must remember to do. 

5.  Read Disney related blogs

Learning from other's personal experiences are a must when planning your own trip.  There are a ton of blogs out there, just like this one, dedicated to planning Disney vacations.  Read them!

4.  Start referring to all meals as snacks, quick service or table service meals - This is just something fun we do around the house to build excitement of our upcoming trip.  It also helps those who may not have a clear understanding of how Disney's Dining Plan works.

3. Buy Crocs, moleskin & cayenne pepper capsules

All three of these items together can make for some happy toes while walking miles and miles in the parks.  Taking cayenne pepper capsules at the beginning of the day, available at your local health food store, can work wonders on your aching feet. Make sure you take them with food, or plan to experience some not-so-magical heartburn.  I am not a medical professional, and am not qualified to tell you what medications to take, but this is what works for me.

2.  Write your packing list.  Prepare to have bulky, non-perishable, consumable items shipped to your resort.

Packing list is a must for us OCD trip planners.  Lists make sure you don't forget anything on the way to Florida, and can help you remember to pack everything for the return trip home.  To keep luggage costs down, consider shipping non-perishable but consumable items to your resort.  Items like diapers, individually wrapped beverages and snacks take up a lotta space in your luggage.  Be sure you ship them together.  I've heard a rumor that Disney charges for multiple package pick ups.

1.  Get the suitcase out of the attic, affix MYW tags and start packing!

With a check off sheet nearby, my suitcases are open and ready for items that we don't need to use everyday.  Just remember to keep them in a safe location so little fingers don't wander in, pull things out and put them into the nearest toilet.

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