Friday, October 18, 2013


For the past 16 months, I've been leading the board of Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint through a very lengthy and thorough strategic planning process.  As Board President, I've seen a lot happen during my tenure, and even took over the job of Executive Director while a search was conducted to find a replacement.  This planning process, with the board, new Executive Director and staff, was very important in making sure the future of our organization is secure.

Today was the last day of our final planning retreat before the plan is presented and voted on at our next board meeting, and I had trouble focusing.  Emails informing Disney Parks Mom's Panel Hopefuls of their round two status had gone out. I was trying desperately to display commitment to our cause and not touch my smart phone, which grew increasingly more difficult as the four o'clock hour approached. Sometimes being a leader sucks.

3:58...No sign of a break anytime soon?

4:05...I'm the President. I should just demand everyone go get some fresh air.

4:07...Didn't Shirley order snacks? Why aren't they here?

4:10...I can't take it anymore.  I'm calling for a break as soon as the consultants finish this topic.

4:11...Thank you, consultants for calling a break!

I don't think I have ever reached for my phone so fast.  My thumbs flashed back and forth across the screen like lightening.  I opened the email and read the first word, "Congratulations..."  In disbelief, I shoved the phone into the hands of our Executive Director who quickly read it and gave me the loudest hi-five ever.  The entire room looked our direction.

"I made it to round two," came out a wink higher than a whisper.  "I've got to go call my husband," I said while rushing out of the room, leaving our Executive Director alone to explain to the confused crowd.

After three years of trying, I had finally made it to round two.  Even though I wasn't at home to hear my computer play "Soarin'" when the email came in, it still felt totally magical to have so much pixie dust flying my way.


  1. <3 this Congrats Lottie!!! You'd make a swell panelist!

    1. Thanks, Patty! Would love to be wearing pink with you!