Saturday, April 7, 2012

Reuse Your Plastic Eggs At Disney

Don't throw these away!
Did you get stuck with a lot of those cute little plastic Easter eggs? Don’t throw them away! Save them for your next Disney vacation and use them in the following ways…

  1. Single serve snack containers for the kids. They are great for Cheerios, Goldfish, M&Ms and other small treats.  You can refill them and put them back in your bag for the next day.
  2. Put sewing supplies inside them and toss them into the suitcase.  You never know when you’ll need to replace a button or fix the Aplix on your cloth diapers.
  3. Cut up your old socks into little squares.  Add a few drops of your favorite scented oils to the sock squares.  Put the squares inside the eggs with the holes on the ends and toss them in your suitcase or diaper bag.  They are a great way to keep your suitcase, diaper or wet bag smelling fresh.  When you want a different scent, just toss the squares in the laundry.
  4. Use them to hold change for the laundry room or penny presses.
  5. Do you save your receipts while on vacation? Keep them inside an egg so they are easy to find when you return home.
  6. Teaching your children to read? Make egg word-families.  On the bottom half of the egg, use a sharpie to write a letter or letters that work with the word family. On the top half of the egg, write the word family (examples: -and, -end, -ate).  Turn the bottom half to make new words.  This is great for keeping little ones busy while waiting in queues. 
  7. Who dresses up at Disney?  Certainly not everyone, but maybe you need to dress up for a Disney wedding or a special dinner.  Eggs are a great place to store hosiery, earrings, bracelets and necklaces if you plan to bring those with you. 
  8. If you have the larger eggs, use them to hold toiletries, instead of using plastic zip top bags. (Examples: cotton balls, cotton swabs, soap, etc.)
  9. Keep extra media cards for cameras inside the eggs for protection.
  10. Fill them with Band-Aids or other small first aid supplies and you won't need to find the First Aid station when someone scrapes a knee.
Also a solution for recycling old socks
Want a snack?
Bandages, Earrings & Floss

Let's make words!

If you decide to use more than one of these ideas on your next Disney vacation, be sure you label the eggs accordingly.  I’m sure your darling child would be upset if they thought they were getting a snack and ended up with mom’s pantyhose.

Happy Easter!
Stay crunchy, friends!

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