Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disney with a newborn? Are you nuts?

So, my Disney writings have been a bit more sparse than I prefer, but only because the child I’m carrying decided it was a good idea to shift and move into areas that cause me a great deal of pain.  Are you wondering how I’ll reward this baby for taking away my ability to walk and breathe normally?  I’m taking her to Disney World, just as soon as I possibly can!  If Crunchy Baby #2 arrives on or near the expected delivery date, she will be just over three months old on her first trip; a trip planned AFTER we found out I was pregnant.  

This will not be our first trip with a very young child.  Crunchy Baby #1 went twice before her second birthday, but she wasn’t quite as young as #2 will be when she meets Mickey Mouse for the first time.  How and why would you plan a trip with a child so young?  In my opinion, that’s the best time to take them for several reasons:

CJ checking in at the Contemporary

  1. They are free.  No added expense for food, plane or park tickets.
  2. While they require a lot of extra stuff, they don’t take up as much space in your resort room as an older child would.  No need to upgrade to that family suite just yet.
  3. Nothing worse than hearing, “Mommy! I have to go potty” while halfway through Pirates of the Caribbean.  The only potty breaks you have to worry about are yours.  You can’t exit an attraction in motion because your child has to go to the bathroom.  Travelling with a child in diapers is awesome.  (If you cloth diaper, check out my post on cloth diapering at Disney)
  4. You can keep the souvenir budget low because babies don’t ask for anything.  The only reason personalized mouse ears come home will because I want them, not because she asks.
  5. You are forced to stop, take breaks and observe all of the fabulous details Disney World offers its guests.  Babies want to nap and eat often, so going commando is out.  Enjoy the parks at snail’s pace.  You will be surprised what hidden treasures you will find.  Besides, all the stopping to rest mean your feet won’t ache as much at the end of the day.
  6. It’s easy to guilt trip the grandparents into going.  Grandparents are great back up when on a Disney vacation with children of any age.  You may even get to pawn the kids off on them for a night and enjoy dinner alone, at a restaurant that isn’t kid friendly. (Victoria & Albert's, anyone?)
  7. A hot, tired, hungry adult can’t go to one of the Baby Care Centers and take a break.  A hot, tired, hungry adult with an equally exasperated baby can.  Those places are awesome!  Find them on the map as soon as you get to the parks.
  8. Us & The Grandparents
  9. They will not remember the trip.  Hey! Isn’t that a reason NOT to take a newborn? Nope! No kid wants to remember the time they had a diaper blowout just before lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table or that they spit up all over the waiter at Hollywood Brown Derby.  Anything can happen with kids on vacation. Take note of the little moments they’ll never remember.  Use these memories to embarrass and blackmail them when they are teenagers.

If you are planning to take very young children on a Disney vacation, take things slow, remember to plan ahead, take lots of pictures, and most of all, have fun!

Stay crunchy, friends!

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