Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Newborn Cloth Diapering, Part #1

Top, clockwise: Kissa's, Fuzzibunz, Bitti Tutto, Grovia, Lil' Joey

We are about twenty days away from our due date and I cannot wait to start cloth diapering our little princess!  There are tons of options out there for newborn cloth diapering; most people seem to prefer prefolds and covers.  My brother is twelve years younger than I, and my parents decided to use prefolds and covers.  While there are at least a dozen in our stash, I don’t remember that experience fondly, and choose to skip prefolds as our primary choice for cloth diapering.   Serving as my parents’ diaper service was the reason our daughter wasn’t cloth diapered until after age one when allergic reactions to disposables forced me to take another look at cloth.
Luckily, I was able to get my hands on several different types of newborn diapers.  Five will be discussed in this “pre-baby” review.  Expect part two after we’ve had a few weeks using these.  During prep time, all of these were dried outside and in the dryer to determine which had the fastest drying time.

Fuzzibunz X-Small
In general, we were pretty impressed with Fuzzibunz when our daughter used them.  I heard from a friend that the Fuzzibunz Elites are too bulky for newborns, even when on its smallest possible setting, a comment which started my research on newborn diapers.  This diaper, classified as a pocket diaper, had the fastest drying time.  It also appears to be the trimmest and is a very soft polyester fleece.  The absence of laundry tabs does mean that it will stick to other items in your laundry.  Because it is so small, the pockets are quite annoying to stuff.  There are no cross-over tabs and no way to shorten the rise in the front to allow for the umbilical cord stump.  They come in the same colors that all Fuzzibunz do, and are available for purchase at Kelly’s Closet.  (The one I am reviewing was free from Kelly’s Closet, via a coupon code used mid-May.)

Grovia AIO
These diapers are so stinkin’ cute and I hope they are our favorites because they make up the majority of my newborn stash.   I purchased these as “seconds” from eBay in EEUC condition, but still followed the typical prep routine.  I was not happy with the drying time.  Because the soaker is sewn into the diaper, it is considered an AIO (All-in-One).  It’s only attached at one end, and that’s the part that was still damp after two dryer cycles and stayed damp the longest out in the sun.  The soaker extends beyond the front of the diaper, which seems like a design flaw.  The rise does snap down to allow for the umbilical cord stump, and the snaps appear to be sturdy enough.  The inside is organic cotton.  While it isn’t as soft as some of the other diapers I reviewed, it appears as if it will be more absorbent.

Kissa’s by Kissaluvs
This diaper looks much cuter in photos than it does in person.  Drying time was decent for this AIO on the line and in the dryer, but the inside of this polyester fleece diaper was super pilly after the recommended 2-3 prep washes.  The rise cannot be adjusted, but there is a single-snap, option to allow the umbilical cord stump.  This was one of the more expensive diapers from Kelly’s Closet; I still have high hopes for it.

Bitti Tutto – One Size
This is the only “one-size” diaper I considered including in our newborn stash.  I’ve heard rave reviews about this Australian AI2 (All-in-Two) diaper, including how well it actually fit newborns, even though it is the largest of the lot.  These were purchased as seconds, in EEUC condition from one of the many diapering boards I belong to.  As with anything I buy pre-loved, I still follow the manufacturer’s prep instructions.  The Bitti Tutto can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t read the instructions.  It comes with three different soakers that have color coordinated snaps, so you can “easily” adjust absorbency.  Yeah, right!  I should have my doctoral thesis on cloth diapering complete before I figure out exactly how this diaper should be put together.  The minky outer layer is super soft, while the organic cotton soakers appear to be quite absorbent.  The inside is an adventure in cloth diapering technology that includes double leg gussets covers for the extra interior snaps that prevent wing droopage when being used in the smaller settings.  There are cross over snaps, but I’m annoyed that they aren’t all the same color (the cross over snaps are white, while the others match the diaper’s color)  Next to the Fuzzibunz, the drying time on the Bitti Tutto was the fastest, but I’m guessing that was because there are four different parts, instead of just one.

Lil’ Joey’s by Rumparooz
This is the diaper that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on!  The super cute prints, the impossibly adorable design and rave reviews may have me considering packing this diaper in the hospital bag.  There is a single-snap down to allow for the umbilical cord, and two rows of snaps to adjust the rise of the diaper.  My only complaint so far is the drying time.  This was, by far the diaper with the longest drying time.  I cringed while putting it through the dryer a third cycle, and the entire diaper was still damp as the sun was setting over my clothes line outside.  The inside of this AIO is super soft polyester fleece.  With its trademark double gussets, I’m hoping this diaper protects all the cute outfits from poop explosions.  While it appears to be the least trim of all the diapers, it still gets my vote for being the cutest. (Shown in "Lux," Purchased from Kelly’s Closet.)

Which newborn diaper is my favorite?  Although the drying time sucks, my favorite is the Lil’ Joey.

Which was the most trim? In the picture below, the most trim appears to be the Fuzzibunz X-Small.

From left: Lil' Joey, Kissa's, Grovia, Fuzzibunz & Bitti Tutto

Which had the longest drying time? Lil' Joey's, followed by the Grovia AIO

Which had the shortest drying time? Fuzzibunz, then the Bitti Tutto

Which had adjustments that accommodated the umbilical cord? Kissa's, Lil' Joey & Grovia

Which one will fit the longest? Bitti Tutto, because it is a "one-size" diaper.  All of the others fit up to 12-15 lbs.  I can't see any of them (except the Bitti Tutto) fitting past 12 lbs.

Which newborn diaper is my least favorite?  Kissa’s by Kissaluvs is my least favorite.  There are no added perks to having this diaper and it is the most expensive.

Which newborn diaper is my husband’s favorite? Kyle also like the Lil’ Joey best.

Which newborn diaper is my husband’s least favorite? The Bitti Tutto.  He’s already said that while he’s doing diaper laundry, those will be left on the clothesline for me to assemble.  He doesn’t want to be held responsible for losing all five hundred pieces that come with it.

So, which diaper is going with us to the hospital?  Check back in a few weeks to find out!

Stay crunchy, friends!

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