Sunday, December 2, 2012

Instant Friends


“Look for the afro with the yellow bow, that’s me!”  Minutes later, I finally had the pleasure of meeting, Amy from Growing Up Disney, in front of Gaston’s Tavern, part of the New Fantasyland.  Amy is the owner of one of my favorite Disney related blogs.  We’ve tweeted back and forth over the past year about children and Disney and cameras.  Due to a short postponement of our vacation, we just happened to be at the Magic Kingdom at the same time.  While it was truly a pleasure meeting her, the real pleasure was watching our children. They were instant friends.

The world would be a much better place if we could set aside our preconceived notions and trepidations of people we have not met.  These two girls started hugging immediately, as if they were old friends.  I reveled in their childhood innocence and was quite happy that CJ would have someone her age to pal around with, at least for the next couple of hours.  After some introductory chit chat, the Crunchy Disney Ma and Growing Up Disney clans headed over for a ride on Under The Sea.  Amy and her family had already ridden and pointed out a few things in the interactive ride queue that weren’t working.  That just meant that we would have to ride again.  Honestly, I’m glad Scuttle could only be heard and not seen, because that gave me a chance to pick Amy’s brain about the business of blogging. 

Amy rode with the girls, my husband rode with her husband, and I rode alone with Ava, who was tucked safely away inside my Moby wrap, sleeping.  Alone time is a good thing, especially when experiencing Disney awesomeness for the first time.  The attention to detail on this attraction was amazing! (More on that later…)  I can only imagine the conversations going on inside the girls’ clam shell.  Both emerged from the ride as excited as they were when they boarded.  The guys seemed pretty chatty, too. I bet they had some good conversation about their Disney loving wives!

Next, we visited Gaston’s Tavern.  We tried in vain to get the girls to take a photo together in Gaston’s chair, but Amy’s Tink would have nothing to do with it.  CJ, dressed as Princess Belle, happily hopped into what she would later call her throne, just before she declared LeFou’s Brew “yucky.”  Under the amazing antler chandelier, our families snacked and chatted until it was time for us to catch up with another friend who moved to the area from Michigan, who we planned to meet for dinner at the Polynesian. 
CJ still asks about Tink, especially when she see pictures from our latest trip.  She certainly asked when we returned to the Magic Kingdom just before we boarded the plane back home.  I bet she'll be looking for her when we go back early next year.  Amy later tweeted that she spotted us leaving the park, but would have had to run like a crazy woman to catch us.  I'm kind of glad we didn't see them; that would have made leaving harder than it already was. 

After we parted, my husband decided that I should have t-shirts, advertising my blog, just as Amy had.  I’ve been thinking a long time about what my logo would look like, just then it hit me…an afro with a yellow bow.  Thanks, Amy! I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see you again real soon.

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  1. We loved meeting your family too. I couldn't get over how cute the girls were together. Hope to see you all again!!

  2. And I LOVE the header and twitter avatar with the yellow bow. PERFECT!