Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Grief, Girl!

Right after our last Disney vacation, my husband and I decided that we would take some time to travel alone.  He would plan a trip to San Diego for a Comic Convention and I would get a weekend at Disney World.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  The problem is, I wanted to go for a weekend in February and our youngest would still be my little nursling.  She would have to go with me.  Our precocious preschooler began talking of nothing else more than she would talk about going back to Disney World.  Every day, she wakes up and asks to put on one of many Disney princess dresses she's collected.  With a purse on her arm and a crown on her head, she insists that she needs to go back to the parks.  How could I look at that little face and refuse?

How can I say no to this face?
Today I am a month away from a weekend trip to my favorite place on the planet, but I'll be travelling alone with two small children.  This is one of the first times since I've adopted crunchy living that I'm concerned I may not be able to keep it up while on vacation.  How will I wash cloth diapers with no one to keep an eye on the kids back in our room?  Is it possible to make my own baby food while away from home?  Who will help me run back and forth to the buffet at Chef Mickey's for extra Mickey waffles and syrup?  How will I handle a double stroller on Disney transportation, while carrying two kids?  Will I make it across Atlanta's massive airport during the super short, 45-minute layover?  Wait...those last few questions have nothing to do with being crunchy, but point out the fact that I haven't entirely thought this through.  Good grief!

Since I'm back to work full time, I've got less time to daydream about creative ways to plan a smooth trip.    At one point in your life, were you as crazy as I am and you have tips you care to share?  In 35 days, I'll be an expert on this subject, but right now I am lost and concerned and a little jealous that my husband gets the weekend at home alone.  Regardless of the outcome, I am certain this will be an awesome trip and I will proudly flaunt the fact that we had Mickey waffles and he didn't!

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