Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zero Waste Trip: Part Three

Day three of my Zero Waste trip was spent at the Magic Kingdom, after spending part of the day at the Orlando World Marriott for Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national conference.  All conference attendees were given a one day park hopper, very generous of Disney! 

No plate, just paper!
Zero waste was much easier at the Magic Kingdom than I had expected.  Lunch was at Sleepy Hollow, the sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich, which they were happy to give me without the paper container, just wrapped in the thin, very compostable, paper that usually lines the serving container.  It was raining and I had to stand, since all the seats in the area were taken, so it was a bit harder to eat this way.  Still every bit as delicious as I hoped!

Lines weren't too bad, so again, I skipped using Fast Passes this day.  Also, I skipped having a Dole Whip Float, as the containers cannot be recycled or composted. That made me quite sad, especially since that was the first time I’d ever seen no line at Aloha Isle.  Typically, I have popcorn, a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, and sometimes a turkey leg, but since some part of the waste would end up in a landfill, I skipped all of these.  (Side note: I did get back to MK later on in the week and couldn't bear skipping my precious Dole Whip Float) 

I can't believe I didn't take advantage of a zero wait here!
I did not skip all the snacks.  I enjoyed a churro (without sauce, plastic containers are not zero waste friendly), pretzel, and a meal from Casey’s Corner, among a few other things.  At Casey’s they looked at me like I was crazy when I asked that they just put everything on the tray and skip the hot dog and fry containers.  The tray is made recycled paper and is compost friendly, the other containers are not.  No picture of my messy tray; I forgot to take one as I was helping a gentleman who fell off the bleachers get help from a cast member.  (He was fine, I’m sure his knees were pretty bruised the next day, though)  Believe it or not, that was my first visit to Casey’s, and it’s going to take a while for this Michigander to get used to all that stuff on a hot dog.

My husband is really into Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom, so I had to stop by The Emporium to get him a couple of booster packs. He’s still looking for a binder, which has proven to be elusive, except for the double priced ones on eBay.  I picked up a couple of scarves for myself and some things for the children, too.  As previously stated, all receipts and tags would be recycled and bags would be refused.  The wrapper for the SOTMK cards would be reused.

No reclaimed water here...
The companion bathrooms in New Fantasyland, near Gaston’s Tavern, have signs that say the water there is reclaimed.  I was hoping the same would be true for the new Rapunzel restrooms, but did not see any signage stating so.  If I wanted to go one step further in my quest, I would have only used the bathrooms with reclaimed water, but I wasn't running my pregnant self all the way there from Frontierland, or anywhere else.  Hopefully, more reclaimed water toilets will be available in all the parks in the near future.

So far, two out of three parks isn't bad. Come back next week to see how I did at Hollywood Studios!

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