Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newborn Cloth Diapering, Part #2

Since our little one is four weeks old, I thought it would be a good time to post part two of my review on our newborn cloth diaper stash.  I’ve got a feeling that the naps won’t last very long, so it’s a good thing I type fast!

Our newest addition was born at 8 lbs. 9 oz and 20.5 inches long.  Most of our newborn stash didn’t fit past the first three weeks, some of them were on eBay sooner.  Read on for more on what worked and didn’t.  Feel free to review part one if you want to know my thoughts prior to baby’s arrival.

Lil Joey's, Kissa's, Grovia, Fuzzibunz, Itti Bitti

Fuzzibunz X-Small
While we have some Fuzzibunz Elites that could be sized down to fit our big girl, the sized x-small diaper was great from birth.  The Applix/Velcro tabs curled after the first few washes, but it was easy to put on and was quite absorbent.  Stuffing the pockets was not fun.  While it fit well, it is just too narrow to get a whole hand inside to stuff it easily.  We waited to use this one after her cord came off.  Honestly, I wished we had a few more of these.  They were a breeze to wash and dry; other than the curled tabs, they still look brand new and still fit our baby.

Grovia AIO
Yes, these are super cute, but I absolutely hated this diaper.  We used these because we had to; these were some of the few that actually had a snap down rise to accommodate for the cord.  Aside from the ridiculously long drying time in the dryer and outside on the line, they were not very absorbent.  When dried outside, they became very stiff.  They were so stiff that I had to rewash them before putting them on the baby because they felt like they would hurt.  Have you ever found an old pack of gum under the seat of your car, opened a piece, bit down and the gum crumbled in your mouth and hands?  That’s what these felt like after line drying outside.  The only thing I liked about these was how they fit under her clothes; the trimmest diaper in the lot.  Most of these have already been sold because they were too small after two weeks.

Kissa’s by Kissaluvs
I was initially disappointed because the diaper appeared pilly after the prep washes and because it was expensive, but this was by far my favorite diaper.  Umbilical cord snap down was perfectly positioned, it washed well, dried fast, and got softer with each wash.  If I had to do things all over again, my entire newborn stash would be made of these.  This diaper was a bit larger than the others, so it still fits great.  This one is a lot trimmer than the others, and contained breastfed poop pretty awesomely.

Bitti Tutto – One Size
Meh.  I wasn't impressed with this diaper, even after hearing all the hype it received.  This did not fit her well at birth.  The fit is better as she gets older, but isn’t that the case with all one-sized diapers?  Because there are so many options for the snap in inserts, this has been our go to diaper overnight.  She isn’t a super soaker yet, so I don’t think we’ll be using this specifically at night very long.  It’s really bulky at this stage. It did not fit under any of her clothes.  This diaper washed and dried easily, and is very absorbent.  I'd put 'em on eBay, but I'm not sure anyone would buy it, since these aren't as popular in the US as they are in other countries.

Lil’ Joey’s by Rumparooz
This would be my favorite if it wasn’t so bulky.  It does fit under her clothes, unlike the previous diaper, but the bulk made drying time extra long.  Forget drying these outside; even in 90 degree weather, outside all day, we still had to put these in the dryer. They look super cute on, in fact, this is the diaper she’s wearing (Lux design) on her birth announcements.  The double gussets do hold in poop well.  These were used from the beginning because of the cord snap down, and we’re still using them for the moment because many of the one size diapers we have just don’t fit well yet, but they are on their way out.  I don’t see these making it past the 12 lbs. mark.

Has my favorite newborn diaper changed? Yes. It was the Lil’ Joey, but it’s now the Kissa’s by Kissaluvs.
Which is the most trim? Grovia AIO
Which had the longest drying time? Lil’ Joey’s and the Grovia AIO
Which had the shortest drying time? Kissa’s by Kissaluvs
What order did she grow out of the diapers? Grovia AIO, Lil’ Joey’s, Kissa’s, Fuzzibunz X-Small, Itti Bitti
Which is my husband’s favorite? Lil Joey’s
Which diaper went with us to the hospital? None. We used disposables at the hospital and for the first day at home.  I wasn’t ready to wash diapers for the first few days.

What's she wearing right now? Goodmama ONE.  I was not planning to fall for these diapers because they are so freakin' expensive, but I like them...a whole lot.

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